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  1. Just a quick note regarding John. We grew up together in Irvine, CA. We lived near each other and went to school together Kindergarten through high school. We graduated and both moved on to colleges far from each other. My family subsequently moved away from Irvine. In short, I never saw John again. Our timing and moves had missed the initial period where cell phones / emails / and social media would have more easily maintained a link. In all these years I had never lost thought of John. I’d often wondered where he lived and what is life had become. As was typical, a few months ago I Google searched him and found this terrible news. My early childhood through adolescent memories of John are consistent. He was a friend to all and had no adversaries. He laughed a lot and had a ready smile. He was intelligent. He was gentle and honest. He was always decent. Never looking for attention, easily quick to give it. I am so very sorry for you his close friends and family for your loss. It is heartwarming to have read all these stories of John and see the happy life his had become. May he rest in peace. Dave Clark

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