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To our families and friends-

We have tragic news. On Monday night, November 2nd, John Melfi passed away of complications in connection with a head injury that he sustained the prior week. We are all in shock.  Only now have we begun the grieving process in earnest. At this time, there are no immediate or concrete plans for a memorial service. We simply want everyone who cares for John to be aware of what has occurred. Please check back at this site or send an email to friendsofjohnmelfi@gmail.com to receive further information.

We would love for this website to capture John’s spirit, his deep kindness, generosity, humor, creativity, and passion. We ask that you upload your pictures and share your memories of John using the “share” link above. In lieu of sending flowers to John’s wife, Asia, or his family, please consider making a small donation to the Torch Conservation Center (http://www.conservetorch.org). The organization is dedicated to stewardship of the land and water surrounding Torch Lake, where John spent most summers since he was a child. It is the one place in the world where he always found peace and felt pure joy.

We want all of John’s friends and loved ones to know.  We have lost track of (and indeed have never met) many of them, so please share this link with anyone we may have missed. Much love and our condolences to all who will be heartbroken to receive this news.