John’s Writing


Editor in chief of and contributing writer to Tail Fly Fishing Magazine.

Book Reviews
I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River: Reflections on Family, Photography, and Fly-Fishing by Henry Winkler

Joan Wulff’s New Fly-Casting Techniques by Joan Salvato Wulff​

Reading Waters by Gary A. Borger

Fly-Casting Finesse: A Complete Guide to Improving All Aspects of Your Casting by John L. Field

Tail Fly Fishing Magazine, July-August 2015, Issue 18

Top of the Flood: Halfway Through a Fly-Fishing Life by Tosh Brown

The Mayfly Guide: Quick and Easy Steps to Identifying Nymphs, Duns, and Spinners by Al Caucci

The Blitz: Fly Fishing Through the Atlantic Migration by Pete McDonald and Tosh Brown

Blood Knots: A Memoir of Fathers, Friendship, and Fishing by Luke Jennings

The New Scientific Angling: Trout and Ultraviolet Vision by Reed F. Curry

John’s writing in Tail:

Issue 2: November-December 2012
Tarpon (p. 20)

Issue 4: March-April 2013
The Psychology of Fishing Partners (p. 2)

Issue 5: May-June 2013
Bonehead in Cabo, Part 3 (p. 38)

Issue 6: July-August 2013
Can’t Buy a Thrill (p. 16)

Issue 7: September-October 2013
Boat Bag Essentials (p. 26)
Book Review of The Blitz: Fly Fishing the Atlantic Migration (p. 70)

Issue 8: November-December 2013
Lifelike Flies, Consider the Ostrich (p. 10)
Perspective (p. 26)

Issue 10: March-April 2014
Some Thoughts on Hooks (p. 22)
Recipe Shrimp & Grits (p. 60)

Issue 11: May-June 2014
Some Thoughts on Hooks (p. 40)
Does This Really Exist? A Fish Spa? (p. 44)
Selected Fly-fishing Myths & Misconceptions (p. 82)

Issue 12: July-August 2014
Bite Guards, Wire v. Nylon (p. 116)
Keys for Effective Bonefish Flies (p. 122)
Lip-grippers (p. 140)

Issue 13: September-October 2014
Snap to It (p. 74)

Issue 14: November-December 2014
What Do You Like About Your Fly Rod? (p. 64)

Issue 15: January-February 2015
Stand Up Straight! (p. 54)
Leaders for Toothy Fish (p. 74)

Issue 16: March-April 2015
How to Choose Sunglasses (p. 40)

Issue 17: May-June 2015
Box It Up! (p. 70)

Issue 18: July-August 2015
Book Review: Fly Casting Finesse (p. 78)